If you are looking for the best baseball books for kids, look no further! Scroll down to see many different types of kids’s baseball books and discover which one will suit your young fan the best.

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Baseball Books for Kids: top picks

Baseball Biographies for Kids

Baseball for Kids: A Young Fan’s Guide to the History of the Game (Biographies of Today’s Best Players)

By Adam C. MacKinnon, published in April 2020 | age 5-7

Baseball for Kids answers all the questions young readers might have regarding the sport. They will learn more about the history of baseball, fun facts of the game, and about the most famous players of all time.

Baseball Biographies for Kids: The Greatest Players from the 1960s to Today (Biographies of Today’s Best Players)

By Dean Burrell, published in January 2020 | age: 9-12

Baseball Biographies for Kids shows the most inspirational baseball players of the last 60 years. But there’s more: the book also gives tons of statistics and facts about the sport and it lets kids create their own dream team.

Jackie Robinson for kids

Who Was Jackie Robinson?

By Gail Herman, published in December 2010 | age: 8-12

In this edition of the famous “who is?” books, the star player is Jackie Robinson, the first Person of Color to play in the major leagues. Get to know his life through easy-to-read stories and black & white drawings. This book is suitable for 8-12- year-olds.

A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson (Picture Book Biography)

By David A. Adler, published in January 1994 | age: 4-8

Jackie Robinson’s story told through pictures for 4-to-8-year-olds.

My Little Golden Book About Jackie Robinson

By Frank John Berrios III, published in December 2018 | age: 2-5

This book focuses on the littlest readers from 2 to 5 years and will tell them about Jackie Robinson through lively text and beautiful drawings.

Babe Ruth biographies

Who Was Babe Ruth?

By Joan Holub, published in January 2012 | age: 8-12

Who was Babe Ruth tells the story of the Home Run King in easy to understand language for tweens. Coming for a poor family, he was not the easiest child, but discovered his talent for baseball during his time at a reform school. The black and white illustrations give the book that little extra.

Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse (Totally True Adventures): How the Red Sox Curse Became a Legend

By David E. Kelly, published in February 2009

The Boston Red Sox were supreme World Series winners before 1918, but when they traded away Babe Ruth – because they felt he was more trouble than he was worth – the Red Sox failed to win another World Series for over 80 years.

Fictional children’s baseball books

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers

By Matt Christopher, published in March 2020 (new edition) | age: 6-10

This absolute classic tells the story of Sylvester, a kid who loves baseball, but he’s not such a great player. After meeting Mr. Baruth, he can’t stop hitting home runs but does he have what it takes to be a good team mate?

With over 1 million coppies sold, this book is a definite hit for that young fan of yours!

The boy who saved baseball

By John Ritter, published in March 2005 | age: 8-12

Tom is in a difficult place. His team needs to win a baseball game or they’ll lose their field. When he and his friends are about to give up hope, a new kid arrives in town who states that he knows how they can get better at playing. He apparently also knows the secrets of former star player Dante del Gato who hasn’t spoken to anyone since he left the game a couple of years ago. Will Tom be able to rescue the baseball team?

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