For readers who are very much looking forward to reading a great fiction book with a baseball setting, settle down for our list!

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Baseball fiction books: top picks

The Pitcher

By William Hazelgrove, published in September 2013

A little boy has great potential but doesn’t have the money to pay for baseball lessons. His mother tries to come up with the money, but they haven’t got anything left after her boyfriend left them – the latter coming back occasionally to steal their money and beat the mom. In comes a former star baseball player at the end of his career, who doesn’t know what to do anymore after his wife died.

Calico Joe: A Novel

By John Grisham, published in April 2012

Calico Joe is a story about 11-year-old Paul and his abusive alcoholic father Warren, who happens to be a professional baseball player. In the summer of 1973 Warren plays against bass ball rookie Calico Joe, who recently became the idol of every baseball fan. The story is set in 2003, but contains many flashbacks to 1973.

The Call: A Baseball Novel

By Laurie Boris, published in August 2017

The Call tells the story of Margie, a woman in love with everything baseball and one of the first female players in the minor leagues in the early 80ies. When she suspects a famous baseball star of cheating she is forced to choose between her own morals and her (and her twin brother’s) career.

The Batter’s Box: A Novel of Baseball, War, and Love

By Andy Kutler, published in March 2019

In The Batter’s Box, Will Jamison – a former star player with the Washington Senators – enlists in the US army after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. After the war, Will returns home, but despite his many decorations he suffers from PTSD and gradually descents into alcoholism. Mental illnesses are still very much taboo in the 1940s, so will he continue on the path to destruction or will he seek the help he needs.

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